Trend: Fringing Things Up

Fringes, a trend which I’m welcoming back with open arms. You can see them everywhere, on bikerjackets, purses, heels, bracelets… Everything got a little bit fringed up this season. To be honest, I used to dislike fringes when I was younger. I associated them with the country style and I didn’t know that fringes could have an other appearance than that. Now, years later and a lot wiser when it comes to fringe-knowledge: I have a few accessories with fringes, like my Steve Madden Fringe wedges and a bag. Maybe I will find a nice vest or top this season with some fringes, I think they are great to create a playful summer look. I hope you enjoy these fringe inspiration photos I’ve selected for you. Do you own anything with fringes? Or do you dislike these loose-dangling-strings? Would love to hear your opinion… 

6 thoughts on “Trend: Fringing Things Up

  1. I think fringe is a great spring-summer idea! I haven’t worn anything with fringe since being 7 years old, but maybe when the temperature gets higher I’ll change my mind:)

  2. Om eerlijk te zijn heb ik haat en liefdes verhouding met
    fringes/franjes…. ik vind ze eerst stom maar daarna
    super leuk! Xx

  3. OOugh! I Love fringes, always will!:)

  4. It’s gorgeous, I remember fringe being very popular in the 70’s/80’s when I was little…I really like it. The first picture is fantastic. Have a great weekend doll xx

  5. Jaahhhh I really love this! I love the bohemian look en this is perfect especially in summer! <3


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