Travel: Spending the weekend in Dubai

After our trip to Cape Town, we made a quick stop in Dubai. I had never been to Dubai before, only a few times at the airport to change flights. I had heard great things about the big city and I had seen the most amazing photos & videos.

We paid a quick visit to the Burj Khalifa. Afterwards we hided from the heat in the gigantic Dubai Mall. It ‘s the most beautiful shopping mall I have ever seen. Would could have spent days in there; or to be honest even weeks. Unfortunatelly, my credit card did not allow that. In front of the Dubai Mall, you can find the Dubai Fountains. This fountain is famous for the miraculous water shows with light and music. These shows take place at several times each day. I had not heard about the Dubai Fountains before, so the whole show was an impressive and  wonderful surprise.

After our visit to the mall, we enjoyed the sundown with drinks at the Barasti Beach Bar. It was a short, but great visit. Have you ever been to Dubai and do you have any tips? Or do you want to visit Dubai yourself one day? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences…

3 thoughts on “Travel: Spending the weekend in Dubai

  1. Dubai looks amazing! Hoping to visit one day.
    How’s the shopping???


  2. What a stunning place, beautiful :) xx

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