Interior: A Swedish Home

Spending my lazy sundays with my laptop in bed with some tea, sweets and Pinterest feels like heaven. Lately I got quite addicted to Pinterest. I love the idea that people can share everything over there and surprise and inspire somebody else with it. It’s the magic of the internet; being able to inspire each other from all over the world.

While scrolling through Pinterest today, I found these beautiful photographs that give us a peak into this even more beautiful Swedish house. Oh gosh.. If only I could live in such a cosy & loving home one day. You can see that the people who live there have put lot’s of love & care in the whole apartment. What does your dream house look like? This apartment comes close to mine. Would love to hear your thoughts…


Personal: Papers, exams and deadlines

Papers, exams and lot’s of deadlines to keep. Puffy eyes, rushing and lack of sleep. Those words kind of sum up my life of the past few days. I am very busy with finishing my 3rd semester at my Fashion Business education. It’s not very easy but hey, sometimes you’ve got to work hard to achieve your goals. I hope I will pass this semester so I can start at the 4th semester in March. We’ve been told that the 4th semester is going to be very interesting and fun! 


Interior: Fashion Bookcase

Gosh, how I would love to own every fashion- and design book ever made. When I visited designer Chris Chang her showroom in Shanghai, I was obsessed with her office. In her office she had this big and beautiful bookcase filled with every fashion, design and art book you might dream of.


Interior: The Strength of Simplicity


Recently I’ve bougth a new, bigger bed for my ini-mini bedroom. I have been looking around for some interior inspiration. I’ve got inspired simplicity; creating something beautiful out of a few simple things. Yes, it’s true.. sometimes less is more. I’m curious how I am going to redecorate my room with less.  Do you like this kind of simple interior style? Wish you all a great week, stay tuned!