My Wardrobe: Shivaloka Bracelet

My mom was on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia for the last 3 weeks. She was so sweet to bring a present for my sister and me. She bought this beautiful Shivaloka bracelet for me. I never heard of the brand and I visited their website to learn more about Shivaloka and my bracelet. Shivaloka is a Bali-based spiritual lifestyle company spearheading the new trend of spiritually empowering jewelry that is sweeping across the world.


Beauty look by Manouk: Natural Gold

Natural Gold Eye Make-Up

Applying make-up is not something I’m very good at. I’m that kind of girl who tries out every cool make-up tutorial but ends up looking like a clown. Do you recognize it? Don’t worry, my sweet friend Manouk is helping us out. This time she’s showing us how to create a natural, golden eye make-up look!