Health: Raw Cacao

Today I wanted to talk with you about my favorite superfood: Raw Cacao.

There are so many delicious & healthy recipes that you can create with Raw Cacao. I like to put it in my breakfast oatmeal, to give it a bit more taste, but I also like to make brownies or other bakings with Raw Cacao. You can find one of my favorite Chocolate recipes with the Cacao here. Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans. The process keeps the living enzymes in the cocoa and removes the fat.


Food: Raw Cacao Cocos Bites

Raw Cacao Cocos BitesMy mom discovered several organic, health stores online last year. Now, about every 4 months, she orders there lot’s of superfoods, organic herbs and healthy versions of products like peanut butter. That’s something that I, as a student who still lives at home, truly don’t mind. The past months I have been experimenting with our new ingredients and I tried out different sorts of recipes. This one, I’m sharing with you today, has been a popular one among my family that has been made repeatedly.


Food: Dark Chocolate Cake

Today I’m celebrating Sinterklaas (a dutch celebration) with my friends. We are celebrating this with some fun presents, a special game and lot’s of yummie food. As you might already know, I absolutely love baking. So I decided to bake this Dark Chocolate Cake for our celebration and I added some healthier ingredients to the recipe.