Personal: On my way to new adventures

Cosmic Love, AmilitaLately there have been going on some exciting things in this busy and a bit chaotic life of mine. Last August I started my internship at the headquarter of Hunkemöller International. Applying there has been one of the best choices I have ever made. While working for such a great brand with such an amazing team I have learned a lot and I have been able to really develop myself. After my internship there I have graduated at TMO Fashion Business School and received my Bachelors Degree of Business Administration in Fashion.

Currently I am living at my new space in Utrecht and am back at Hunkemöller International working as Buying Assistent at the Swimwear & Accessories department. In between these hectic changes I lost track of my blog but I could not help but miss blogging so the last few days I started writing again. During the past years my interest for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has grown and the unavoidable cohesion of this with fashion has got me obsessed. So what can you expect? More posts about brands related to CSR, fairtrade hotspots, fair events and tips & tricks about how to change your consuming to a fair and green way without becoming a family member of the Tofu’s (used to be a fun TV-serie though). Curious about your thoughts on this and how you are doing, stay tuned you all…

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