My Wardrobe: Shivaloka Bracelet

My mom was on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia for the last 3 weeks. She was so sweet to bring a present for my sister and me. She bought this beautiful Shivaloka bracelet for me. I never heard of the brand and I visited their website to learn more about Shivaloka and my bracelet. Shivaloka is a Bali-based spiritual lifestyle company spearheading the new trend of spiritually empowering jewelry that is sweeping across the world. The core element of Shivaloka’s spiritually-charged jewelry is India’s holy power bead: the Rudraksha. Every handcrafted jewelry design has it’s own spiritual intention and incorporate the highest quality Rudraksha, healing gems, sterling silver and 22 karat gold.

My bracelet is called “Ganesh Sharanam”, what means protection of Ganesh. The bracelet has a golden pendant depicting Lord Ganesh, the ‘Overcomer of Obstacles’. The Ganesha Sharanam Pink bracelet is spiritually activated to support deeper joy, love, and intimacy in relationships. I really love the whole concept of the Soul jewelry and that every piece of jewerly has it’s own, unique meaning. The bracelet is not only gorgeous but it also has healing and protecting benefits! I’m wondering if I will notice these benefits but I’m sure of one thing, I couldn’t be happier with this gift. Did you already know this brand? If not, you should take a little time to visit their webshop to see their pieces and read about the great concept. I would love to hear your thoughts about it…

4 thoughts on “My Wardrobe: Shivaloka Bracelet

  1. Such a lovely gift, so pretty and I love the colours. I hope you have a sweet weekend doll xx

  2. Lief!!:)

  3. eriel

    very very nice
    I totally love these pictures!! your blog is great!

  4. Ik vind hem echt heel mooi! Echt mooi voor de zomer ook!

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