My Wardrobe: Matt & Nat Tia Bag

Matt & Nat Tia Bag by Bodil LoïsAfter wearing my beloved Danielle Foster bag for years on a daily base it was unavoidable that it would be whacked out one day. With an ache in my heart I decided it was best to say goodbye to this bag and go on a hunt for a worthy replacement. After a visit to Geiten Wollen Winkel online this pretty soft pink Matt & Nat bag caught my eye. Before I knew it the bag ended up in my shopping basket and thanks to the quick delivery of Geiten Wollen Winkel not much later I was the proud owner of the bag.

Matt & Nat is a brand that not only makes gorgeous bags but is also a brand with an inspiring story behind it. It is a vegan brand therefore there are no animals harmed in the whole process and there are no materials derived from animals used for production. The linings inside all MATT & NAT bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. I could continue telling you more about the cool facts behind the brand all day because there are so many things to tell, you can discover more about their story here.

Tia Satchel by Matt & Nat

When I received the bag last week there was a kind note from Geiten Wollen Winkel attached wishing me a lot of fun with it and that is something I am sure I will. The quality of the bag is great, it has a convenient inner compartments and everything is nicely put together. Knowing this and the awesome story behind the brand I have nothing more to say than go treat yourself on a Matt & Nat piece as well…

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