My Wardrobe: Leopard Parka Jacket

When I saw this Leopard Parka in December at Topshop, I got really excited about it. The only problem was that I had already bought a lot that month and I could hear my bankaccount screaming “please, don’t do this to me!”. So I decided to be kind to my bankaccount and forced myself to forget about this jacket. A few weeks ago, I visited the Topshop webshop again and like it was meant to be I saw that my beloved Parka was on sale from €85 to €26! Ofcourse, I couldn’t resist that offer so I quickly put it in my virtual shopping bag and purchased it. The jacket is a bit to thin for this weather in Holland but it would be perfect to wear it in spring. Have you also had such luck with a purchase once? Would love to hear your stories! P.S. Do you already follow me on Bloglovin‘? :]


20 thoughts on “My Wardrobe: Leopard Parka Jacket

  1. It looks cozy and will certainly be useful with the weather & keep you looking stylish as well :) Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, you’re so lovely!

    Also, what a nice deal for 26 euros! You’re pretty lucky I’m sure it looks great! :) I’m also following you on bloglovin’! xx

  3. Ah wat een toffe blouse!

  4. joy

    lol at your bank account screaming please don’t do this to me….. cute jacket!!!

  5. Leuke parka!!!!

  6. Thanks for Ur comment! :) ur parka is really beautiful. I love it when something i want is on sale! It’s so good.

  7. Wauw super mooi item! Het printje is echt prachtig! <3

  8. such an amazing jacket!

  9. Very cool parka! Love the leopard print :)
    Do you want to follow each other, just let me know on my blog?!

  10. Amazing piece and perfect for your wardrobe :)

  11. Wauw, wat een toffe parka zeg! Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe je die gaat combineren :) xo

  12. Echt een prachtige parka!
    Goede keuze gemaakt, en ook heel veel geluk gehad ;)


  13. Adriana

    beautiful jacket!

  14. Wauw wat ‘n geluk! :D Echt fijn dat soort verrassingen! ^^

  15. what a great bargain :) that’s a really special parka,haven’t seen one in leopard until now :)

  16. Wow dat is pas een gave jas!

  17. Prachtig. Eens een keer iets anders :)

  18. I always love a cute leopard print piece!

    xx Cissy

  19. Ja sales is soms erg fijn!! Heel mooi jasje! Ben benieuwd hoe je hem gaat combineren. Wat ik altijd heel gaaf vind is om een leopard print te combineren met felle kleuren zoals groen. (beanie etc) :)


  20. Great parka to have! Love a big print


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