I like… Silhouette Futura

It´s official, tonight the clock will be set 1 hour forward to summertime. The perfect time to start purchasing a new pair of sunnies. These Silhouette Futura sunglasses give you a peek in to the sunny future. This year they launched the 50 years anniversary edition of the Futura design. It’s a new interpretation of the original 1974 design, without any edges. I have seen different bloggers wearing them and I must say I really like the quite spacious, minimalistic look. The frame is available in black, white and yellow. Being a fan of the bright yellow color in combination with the dark glasses, that’s my favorite version. Did you already knew the Silhouette Futura sunnies? Would love to hear your thoughts about them… Wishing you a lovely weekend!

7 thoughts on “I like… Silhouette Futura

  1. Wat een toffe sunnies! Ik denk alleen niet dat ze me zullen staan haha :) xo

  2. Fan van de zomer maar geen fan van zomertijd, gelukkig geldt
    dat maar voor een dag :P Deze sunnies zien er erg futuristisch uit!

  3. WOW, heel vet!

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

  4. Wow! Heel bijzonder haha!


  5. So very cool xx

  6. Oh wow, I haven’t seen a frame like this before, it is really quite sporty and modern, looks fantastic! May your week be filled with calm & creativity.

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