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In the current fast fashion situation we live in, I am craving authenticity and esteem. Last week I visited Maastricht, a beautiful city in the southeast of the Netherlands. Maastricht is a city where I can always go out for some real treasure hunting, as it is one of the few cities which is not completely taken over by the big fast fashion chains and still has these wonderful boutiques. One of my favorites is Depeche, a boutique where you can find a mixture of bohemian vibes and classic elegance. When I visited Depeche last week, I stumbled upon this crazy cool looking Leather Overall Dress from a brand I was not familiar with; it was called PeleCheCoco.

PeleCheCoco is a Danish brand that creates unique pieces made from recycled leather. Each reused leather piece is handpicked to ensure the high quality they stand for but also to create that keen and authentic look. It is almost like buying something vintage; others can copy you, but never really get what you have. By breathing new life into reused materials they have created something not only singular to the buyer but individual in its mere existence. You can find the PeleCheCoco products at their webshop, several boutiques and also Urban Outfitters has added the brand to their list.

As PeleCheCoco has stated about sustainability on their website: “We have already taken the necessary first steps and we think you should definitely join us. Choose wisely, be sustainable and help us kick pollutions dirty ass.” And I could not agree more to that.

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