Events: Fair Fashion Festival Utrecht 2016

DATE | 16 October 2016
LOCATION | Winkel van Sinkel, Centrale Bibliotheek and Hutspot

Save the date: on the 16th of October this year the 4th edition of Fair Fashion Festival Utrecht will take place. As a proud Fair Fashion Festival Volunteer I would love to invite my Dutch readers, and ofcourse non-Dutchies who will be in Holland on the 16th, to come and join our Fair Fashion Revolution. The festival will be held at three great locations in the city centre of Utrecht, namely at Winkel van Sinkel, de Bibliotheek and Hutspot Utrecht. During the day there will be fashion shows, a market with amazing fair fashion brands, workshops and readings.

With this festival we want to connect people with cool fair and ethical fashion brands that are joining the festival and want to inspire them to pursue a sustainable shopping experience. By offering free workshops and readings we would love to create more awareness about the truth behind fast fashion and share knowledge about fair and sustainable fashion creation and consumption.

Got excited? Invite your friends and spread the word. See you there!

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