Collections: Zimmermann Resort 2015

The Resort collections take our minds on a journey to the beautiful paradises on our earth. Australian sisters Zimmermann created a sophisticated feminine Resort 2015 collection with soft crochets, exotic florals and a wonderful metallic addition. The main inspiration comes from the summers they spent on Bali. It’s great how they have managed to capture the magnificence of the Island in these delicate original print, loose, lively and elegant designs. 

Especially the soft white crochet pieces caught my eye. The collection makes me think of walks along the beach with my bare feet in white sand. Of spending long summer nights outside, while watching the sun go down and feeling the temperature slowly subside. I’m clearly over the moon about this Zimmermann Resort collection. The brand always had my attention but now they also have my affection. What do you think of the designs from this Resort collection? Would love to hear your thoughts…

6 thoughts on “Collections: Zimmermann Resort 2015

  1. Gooorgeous collection c: heel mooi! Xx

  2. These are stunning xx

  3. Wat een onwijs mooie collectie! x

  4. Zimmerman is amazing! Great post and blog you have!

  5. Woooow! Heel mooi!

    xxx Linsey from

  6. The Fashion Fraction

    omg omg omg! I am huge fan of Zimmerman since I can think but this killed it all!!!

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