Interior: A Swedish Home

Spending my lazy sundays with my laptop in bed with some tea, sweets and Pinterest feels like heaven. Lately I got quite addicted to Pinterest. I love the idea that people can share everything over there and surprise and inspire somebody else with it. It’s the magic of the internet; being able to inspire each other from all over the world.

While scrolling through Pinterest today, I found these beautiful photographs that give us a peak into this even more beautiful Swedish house. Oh gosh.. If only I could live in such a cosy & loving home one day. You can see that the people who live there have put lot’s of love & care in the whole apartment. What does your dream house look like? This apartment comes close to mine. Would love to hear your thoughts…


Interior: Fashion Bookcase

Gosh, how I would love to own every fashion- and design book ever made. When I visited designer Chris Chang her showroom in Shanghai, I was obsessed with her office. In her office she had this big and beautiful bookcase filled with every fashion, design and art book you might dream of.


Interior: The Strength of Simplicity


Recently I’ve bougth a new, bigger bed for my ini-mini bedroom. I have been looking around for some interior inspiration. I’ve got inspired simplicity; creating something beautiful out of a few simple things. Yes, it’s true.. sometimes less is more. I’m curious how I am going to redecorate my room with less.  Do you like this kind of simple interior style? Wish you all a great week, stay tuned!