I Like… PeleCheCoco

In the current fast fashion situation we live in, I am craving authenticity and esteem. Last week I visited Maastricht, a beautiful city in the southeast of the Netherlands. Maastricht is a city where I can always go out for some real treasure hunting, as it is one of the few cities which is not completely taken over by the big fast fashion chains and still has these wonderful boutiques. One of my favorites is Depeche, a boutique where you can find a mixture of bohemian vibes and classic elegance. When I visited Depeche last week, I stumbled upon this crazy cool looking Leather Overall Dress from a brand I was not familiar with; it was called PeleCheCoco.


I Like… My Jewellery

I wanted to share this great jewellery and accessories brand My Jewellery with you. The brand is founded by Sharon Hilgers, a Dutch entrepreneur, who has been nominated for several business awards. The designs are bright and are following the latest trends. As you can see on their online shop, My Jewellery offers a varied collection. You can find colorful, distinct designs but also more minimalistic ones. Last week, I got some pretty My Jewellery items myself.


Quotes: I want to travel the world and breath the air of new places

“I want to travel the world and breath the air of new places. All I know is at this moment I feel like I can do anything, go anywhere on the globe and still call it home.”

Yes, I totally caught the wanderlust bug. The next two months I have some pretty exciting trips planned. In October I’m going to Cape Town, Dubai and London. These are all trips organized by my college, TMO Fashion Business School. There several activities planned for us that are fashion, business but also culturally related. I’m especially excited about South Africa; the people, the nature, the culture… I’ve heard such great things about the country. In November, I’m going on a citytrip to Stockholm with my boyfriend and his parents. It’s going to be my first time there so if you have any nice suggestions for must-sees or must-visits feel free to share them!