Trend: Chain, Chain, Chain

Chain Chain Chain…Chain of fools. Oh well, that’s not what I meant, but I couldn’t help but hear Aretha singing in my head. Yes, it really is a nice song but that’s not what I wanted to discuss right now. I wanted to talk with you about one of the latest bag trends. The bags are either fully covered in chains or they have one big, bulky chain as an eyecatcher. Gold, bronze and silver are the shades they appeare in. From the fancy chained shopping baskets at Chanel to the swell Stella McCartney totes.


Trend: Radiant Orchid

Orchid, the color which appeared on the catwalk during shows of  DKNY, Max Mara and several others. It’s been presented as one of the vibrant colors we can wear this summer. In my opinion, a sumptuous addition to our wardrobes. If only I had a garment in Orchid, so before I leave for Portugal I have some serious shopping to do.

Besides fashion, Orchid has also found it’s way into the beauty industry this season. Confession: I truly envy those women who can pull off such an intense haircolor. If I could, I wouldn’t hesitate and give myself this Orchid hairtone immediately. Would you mind wearing something in Orchid? Would love to hear your thoughts about it. 



Trend: Hard Candy

Sweet like candy, but one tough cookie. Feminine but also strong and powerful. This hard candy trend is a combination of sugar sweet colors & patterns and a more robust layer. Tough eyecatchers give the soft colored outfits a more edgy look. Mary Katrantzou showed us blushy, floral dresses with glazed embellishments.


Trend: Fringing Things Up

Fringes, a trend which I’m welcoming back with open arms. You can see them everywhere, on bikerjackets, purses, heels, bracelets… Everything got a little bit fringed up this season. To be honest, I used to dislike fringes when I was younger. I associated them with the country style and I didn’t know that fringes could have an other appearance than that.


Trend: Oh Sweet Bunny!

Yes, I LOVE bunnies. So yes, I ADORE this trend. But no, crazy enough I don’t own any of these adorable bunny items yet. My mission of this month is to score one of the Marc Jacobs Bunny jewelry. I guess, you either love this trend or you really dislike it. What do you think of it? I’m curious about your opinion.