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Events: Fair Fashion Festival Utrecht 2016

DATE | 16 October 2016
LOCATION | Winkel van Sinkel, Centrale Bibliotheek and Hutspot

Save the date: on the 16th of October this year the 4th edition of Fair Fashion Festival Utrecht will take place. As a proud Fair Fashion Festival Volunteer I would love to invite my Dutch readers, and ofcourse non-Dutchies who will be in Holland on the 16th, to come and join our Fair Fashion Revolution. The festival will be held at three great locations in the city centre of Utrecht, namely at Winkel van Sinkel, de Bibliotheek and Hutspot Utrecht. During the day there will be fashion shows, a market with amazing fair fashion brands, workshops and readings.


Collections: Viktor & Rolf AW 2016 – Vagabonds

Normally I prefer posting images of fashion shows but I do not want you all to miss out on the whole beautiful message and atmosphere of the show. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have used leftover materials from past seasons to create the haute-couture garments for their Autumn Winter 2016 collection. Eventhough this is an extraordinary and beautifully executed form of upcycling, there is so much more behind this collection.


My Wardrobe: Matt & Nat Tia Bag

Matt & Nat Tia Bag by Bodil LoïsAfter wearing my beloved Danielle Foster bag for years on a daily base it was unavoidable that it would be whacked out one day. With an ache in my heart I decided it was best to say goodbye to this bag and go on a hunt for a worthy replacement. After a visit to Geiten Wollen Winkel online this pretty soft pink Matt & Nat bag caught my eye. Before I knew it the bag ended up in my shopping basket and thanks to the quick delivery of Geiten Wollen Winkel not much later I was the proud owner of the bag.


My Wardrobe: 30 wears by Livia Firth

Livia Firth, might be known for being the wife of actor Colin Firth, but to me and I am sure also many others she is a role model. Livia is the Creative Director of Eco-Age and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge. She is also one of the Executive Producers of the ‘The True Cost’, a documentary about the impact of the fashion industry, which is hopefully a real eye-opener for everyone. While watching conferences, reading interviews and seeing documentaries where Livia was talking about sustainability and the working environments in the fashion industry she really inspired me. I was always interested in these subjects but her suggestions and thoughts about it are fascinating.


I Like… PeleCheCoco

In the current fast fashion situation we live in, I am craving authenticity and esteem. Last week I visited Maastricht, a beautiful city in the southeast of the Netherlands. Maastricht is a city where I can always go out for some real treasure hunting, as it is one of the few cities which is not completely taken over by the big fast fashion chains and still has these wonderful boutiques. One of my favorites is Depeche, a boutique where you can find a mixture of bohemian vibes and classic elegance. When I visited Depeche last week, I stumbled upon this crazy cool looking Leather Overall Dress from a brand I was not familiar with; it was called PeleCheCoco.