Interior: A Swedish Home

Spending my lazy sundays with my laptop in bed with some tea, sweets and Pinterest feels like heaven. Lately I got quite addicted to Pinterest. I love the idea that people can share everything over there and surprise and inspire somebody else with it. It’s the magic of the internet; being able to inspire each other from all over the world.

While scrolling through Pinterest today, I found these beautiful photographs that give us a peak into this even more beautiful Swedish house. Oh gosh.. If only I could live in such a cosy & loving home one day. You can see that the people who live there have put lot’s of love & care in the whole apartment. What does your dream house look like? This apartment comes close to mine. Would love to hear your thoughts…


I like… Leather Phone Cases

Sometimes we have those weird things we do without any explanation. Like that you really want to have something but somehow you never seem to purchase it. That’s what happened to me with these Leather wallet phone cases. I really liked the idea of protecting your phone with something that’s also easy on the eyes. It not only has a classy appearance, it’s also very useful. Thanks to Mooi Mobiel I am now a proud owner of this white wallet case. It has a clean design and it’s made of PU Leather with a nice texture to it. Lately I’m very into white toned accessories, so the case is a real match with them.


Trend: Chain, Chain, Chain

Chain Chain Chain…Chain of fools. Oh well, that’s not what I meant, but I couldn’t help but hear Aretha singing in my head. Yes, it really is a nice song but that’s not what I wanted to discuss right now. I wanted to talk with you about one of the latest bag trends. The bags are either fully covered in chains or they have one big, bulky chain as an eyecatcher. Gold, bronze and silver are the shades they appeare in. From the fancy chained shopping baskets at Chanel to the swell Stella McCartney totes.


Food: Raw Cacao Cocos Bites

Raw Cacao Cocos BitesMy mom discovered several organic, health stores online last year. Now, about every 4 months, she orders there lot’s of superfoods, organic herbs and healthy versions of products like peanut butter. That’s something that I, as a student who still lives at home, truly don’t mind. The past months I have been experimenting with our new ingredients and I tried out different sorts of recipes. This one, I’m sharing with you today, has been a popular one among my family that has been made repeatedly.


Outfits: Coral two-piece

Missguided two-piece, Kurt Geiger leopard sandals, Vintage sunnies, bag from the Market in Marrakech and Topshop earrings.

Currently, I’m staying at our family house in Portugal. It is in an authentic, small village near Figueira da Foz. Which is a quite big city with a beautiful boulevard and beach. I used to visit this place since I couldn’t even walk so I might call this my second home. My aunt lives here in Portugal and my niece and cousin are half Portugese – half Dutch. The photos were taken in the little village, I really love the old houses and ruins. I’m always wondering who used to live there and what it looked like when there was still an owner. Every building has it’s own story and history. Later today, I want to snap a few pictures from the village and Figueira da Foz so I can share it later with you.