Personal: Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish you all a very special and magical Christmas! I’m really excited about my plans for Christmas! On the first day of Christmas I’m having a luxe lunch at Van Balveren with my family. The second day of Christmas I’m having dinner with my boyfriend and his sweet family. What are your plans for this Christmas? Wishing you a lot of joy with your beloved ones, Merry Christmas! P.s. my cat Lotje also wishes you happy holidays! :]


Travel: The Chinese Factories

Photographs by Bodil Loïs

When I was in China, we visited two big factories near Shanghai. One of those factories produced jeans and the other factory different sorts of clothing. It was a very special experience because I always wondered what those big fashion factories would look like. Being a fashion student, it was also very interesting to see how they created everything and how they worked with the machines.


I like… Amsterdam Bag Company

Amsterdam Bag Company creates bags made of leather replacing materials. By replacing leather they contribute to a better life for animals who are being killed for fashion purpose. “Looking good and doing good at the same time is the best combination”. I couldn’t agree more! Besides being animal friendly these bags are also looking absolutely great.